Meet Cindy

Cindy is passionate about her work on the Central Valley School Board and is committed to only the best outcomes for our students.

  • Holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor Degree from Gonzaga School of Law
  • Practiced law in Spokane Valley for over 40 years
  • Has three daughters who graduated from Central Valley School District
  • Has served on the CVSD Board for 32 years and on the Washington State Board of Education for 4 years
  • Currently serves on the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA) legislative committee; Past President of WSSDA
  • Named “Woman of Achievement in Education” by the Spokane YWCA
  • Rotarian for 20+ years and Girl Scout leader for 15+ years


  • Mary Kuney, Spokane County Commissioner, District 4
  • Republicans of Spokane County
  • Frank Wagstaff
  • Joyce Hanson
  • Denny Denholm, Mead School District Board of Directors
  • Jeff Jurgensen
  • Karen and Art Toreson
  • Professor John Reese
  • Mike and Raelyn Toth
  • Dr. Ginny Schulken
  • Chris Engle
  • Brandi Peetz, Spokane Valley City Council District 2
  • MaryLou Nowels
  • David and Janet Crossen
  • Michael Pearson, Former Superintendent Central Valley School District
  • Dharma Hoy, CVHS class of 2019
  • Caleb Betts, CVHS class of 2019
  • Nata Natarajan
  • Becky Hattenburg
  • Stephanie Cates
  •  Alex and Kali Dayton
  • Kent Richardson, past CVEA President
  • Christina Crowder
  • Tom McGarry
  • Mary Wissink
  • Ron and Marci Oman
  • Dr. Lamont and Brenda Worden
  • Douglas Orr
  • Pam Rohr
  • Dean Grafos, Former SV City Councilman
  • Elizabeth Grafos
  • Joan Greiner
  • Scott and Betsie Grimmet
  • Al Merkel
  • James & Mary McCurdy
  • Rick & Mary Lloyd
  • Douglass Orr
  • Ryan Crocker, Former Ambassador to Afghanistan
  • David & Glenna Bouge
  • Joan & Charles Greiner
    • CV Public School Employees
    • Dr. Layne  and Lynda Hinckley
    • Bobby Berlinghoff
    • Mark and Marcy Perryman
    • Teresa Landa, CVSD Director – Position 2
    • Bob West
    • Max Kuney
    • Dr. Bethany Eudy
    • Jeff and Christina Felts
    • Stan Chalich
    • Gary, Karen, Nicole Stenzel
    • John Nowels, Spokane County Sherriff
    • Julie Johnson
    • Larry Davis
    • Tom Dingus, Former CVSD School Board Director
    • Jay and Kay Walter
    • Zach Hoy, CVHS class of 2021
    • Noah Betts, Class of 2021
    • Batt Geoffrey
    • Ashley Barker
    • Spokane Regional Labor Council
    • Spokane County Democrats
    • Aileen Taylor
    • Emily Page
    • Sue Webber
    • Dennis Dellwo, former WA Representative
    • Norm & Roz Luther
    • Chris Nerison
    • Nata Nataraj
    • Mike and Carol Nowling
    • Perry and Sandy Ross
    • Dave and Diane Ross
    • Dr. Mary Weathers
    • Kirt and Emily Christensen
    • Dr. Allen and Shannon Skidmore
    • Bill Norman
    • Melissa McFadden
    • Dr. Daniel Crossen
    • Tina Morrison
    • Emily Churilla
    • Karen Morris
    • Thomas and Amy Kay
    • Jerry and Andrea Felts
    • Kay McGlocklin

    * Wally Stanley, Former CVSD Superintendent

    • Tim Hattenburg, Spokane Valley City Council District 6
    • Ozzie Knezovich, Former Spokane County Sherriff
    • Jerry LeClaire
    • Stephen and Michelle Nordstrom
    • Maylyn and Georgia Malquest
    • Chuck and Lu Stocker
    • Joan Berkowitz
    • Shawna Nowels
    • George and Ann McAllister
    • Eldonna Shaw
    • Wendy Dingus
    • Petra and Mark Hoy
    • Bill, Shirley, Caleb and Noah Betts
    • Allison Ashlock
    • Washington Stated Education Association
    • 4th Legislative District Democrats
    • Mainstream Republicans of Washington State
    • Paul Clay
    • Paul Hammersley
    • Norm and Roz Luther
    • Michael Rice
    • Kay McGlocklin
    • Shirley Mundstedt
    • Cris Kaminskas, Liberty Lake Mayor
    • Karen and Dan Burgard
    • Rebecca Long
    • John Ludders
    • Dave and Glenna Bouge
    • Skip Eagle
    • Gene Sementi
    • Dr. Douglas and Heather Tanner
    • Larry Bernbaum
    • Peggy Cannon
    • Scott and Joy Reese
    • Mark and Jeanie Hyer
    • Joan & Charles Dunham
    • Daniel Hansen
    • DCR Backlund
    • Anne Besse

    Results & Accomplishments

    Leadership & Governance

    Hired a new superintendent, focused on the “I, You, We Belong” initiative, ensured comprehensive safety plans, and implemented effective board communications.

    Curriculum and Instruction

    Approved and implemented new curricula for Math, Social Studies, Sexual Health, and English Language, aiming to enhance educational quality.

    Strategic Planning and Community Engagement

    Formulated a new strategic plan with community involvement, successfully lobbied for additional state funding, and collaborated with local authorities for infrastructure projects.

    Facilities and Bond Campaigns

    Through successful bond campaigns, built new schools, renovated existing ones, upgraded facilities, and implemented efficient operational systems.

    Program & Service Expansion

    Expanded Middle School course offerings, established engagement centers, implemented improved data management systems, and introduced cost-saving procurement processes.

    Innovative Educational Spaces

    Transformed vacant commercial buildings into functional schools and created a new Learning and Teaching center from a vacant office building.

    Academic and Support Programs

    Offered comprehensive high schools, a STEM High School, alternative programs, JROTC, career technical classes, diverse academic and fine arts courses, and robust support systems for student success and well-being.

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